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Bethany Home offers Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation services for individuals recovering from accidents and/or illness. In partnership with Select Rehabilitation, an in-house physical therapy team provides rehabilitation and restorative therapy services through physical and occupational therapies as well as speech-language pathology.

The Bethany Home rehabilitation team is committed to providing individualized programs to meet each person’s needs with outstanding results and excellent quality of care. Residents are encouraged to reach goals of increased independence and ability.
Physical Therapy
The physical therapy team works toward specific goals of achieving the residents’ highest functional level of independence. Physical therapy focuses on identification and rehabilitation of individuals with physical impairment and pain, as well as future injury prevention. For all residents, the goal is to achieve safety in a variety of areas.

Areas of treatment focus may include:

- Increase strength and mobility in the body and lower extremities
- Increase motor control for a resident who has suffered a stroke
- Improve coordination, balance and the ability to walk following a fracture
- Improve overall strength conditioning, range of motion and endurance
- Pain management
- Teaching proper body mechanics to prevent injury
- Promoting safety awareness for the well-being of the resident
Occupational Therapy
The occupational therapy team develops task-directed activities in the treatment of residents whose functional abilities, daily activities and independence have been impaired by illness, injury or aging.

Occupational therapy assists residents in adapting to their social and physical environment by mastering tasks essential for daily living. Occupational therapists may work with residents who have debilitating arthritis, impaired hearing and vision or difficulty bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living.

Areas of treatment may include:

- Functional independence: eating, bathing, toileting, homemaking, cooking, etc.
- Maintenance of wellness, dressing and grooming
- Prevention of further disability through home assessments and modifications and adaptive equipment
- Increasing safety awareness
Speech/Language Therapy
The speech therapy team provides a range of interventions to assess and help restore abilities in the areas of communication, swallowing and cognition. Treatment programs are designed to help residents affected by stroke, brain injury, dementia, and other neurological disorders. Therapists also work with residents suffering from hearing impairment, respiratory illnesses, and complex medical conditions.

Areas of treatment focus may include:

- Improving speech and voice clarity
- Increasing comprehension and verbal expression
- Improving chewing and swallowing ability
- Maximizing cognitive language skills: memory, problem solving and abstract reasoning
- Resident and family/caregiver education and training for managing ongoing difficulties with communication, cognition, and swallowing

For more information on Rehabilitation Services contact Wendy Johnson at (785) 227-2334 ext. 182 or at wjohnson@bethanyhome.com.

Application Policy

An application for admission to the Cottages Independent Living, Sunflower Terrace Assisted Living and/or the Bethany Home long-term care center must be completed and returned to Bethany Village, accompanied by a $40.00 per person non-refundable check. The applicant is encouraged to have a personal meeting and/or tour of the facilities. The Admissions Committee will review the application, with priority placement according to level of need or in order of the date on the application.

Admission Policy

An admission fee will be charged at the time of admission to Sunflower Terrace Assisted Living or Bethany Home long-term care to cover costs for individual record and room preparation. Bethany Home’s admission fee varies depending on the resident’s payment source.

Once accepted for admission to assisted living or long-term care, residents and/or their families may request a face to face meeting prior to the admission date. Payments for room, board and personal care begin on the date of admission and are payable one month in advance. The payment period runs on a calendar month.

Should the resident be discharged and return to the facility within 12 months, this fee will not be charged again. If the resident is discharged and returns to the facility after 12 months, an admission fee will apply. Admission fees will not be charged due to a change in the resident’s level of care. For example: A resident moving from assisted living to long-term healthcare will not be charged another admission fee.


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  • Ashley, LPN

    I was stopped in Dollar General because I was wearing my Bethany Home shirt, by a resident’s husband He wanted to thank Bethany Home for how great we were with taking care of his wife. He said that we were very professional and family oriented. He said he wishes he had gotten her here sooner! He is now telling his family to come work here because Bethany Home is such a great place! I am so grateful that I can put some smiles on people’s faces!

  • Pam Starks
    RN & Clinic Nurse

    The dental assistants arrived for dental clinic today and saw the paperwork and office prepared. As I walked out of the office, I overheard one assistant say, “The last team said this is a good place to come; they have their act together.” Charge nurses, thank you, and thank your staff for assisting me in getting residents medicated and to appointments in a timely manner. Thanks for helping Bethany Home make a good impression to outside providers. It’s all important. Thanks for helping me look like “I have my act together.”
  • Debbie & Curtis Koelling
    Rhonda & Mike Ihde
    Family Members

    Often we forget to stop and give thanks for and to all the many wonderful people God brings into our lives. Our mother, Sara, was a resident of Bethany Home. Mom was surrounded daily by exceptional people who truly enjoy taking care of others and who strive to create a pleasing atmosphere in which to call home. There are many people we want to thank for all that they do in many areas: maintenance, laundry, housekeeping, activities, nursing, administration and dietary. We are also very thankful for the many volunteers who give of their time. Please accept and share this heartfelt thank you with everyone that makes Bethany Home such a nice place for Mom and for all the wonderful care. Thank you!
  • The Patricia Adamson Family

    Shout out to Bethany Home in Lindsborg, KS. They are an amazing facility! We couldn’t have asked for better people in hard times! They did an awesome job taking care of my Grandma the few short weeks she was there. They were very kind and we could tell that the people love what they do! It didn’t stop there… The staff were very supportive of our family during her last days.
  • Maridene Lundstrom

    I’m so thankful I’m here. I really appreciate the nurses, CNAs, directors and the hospital.
  • Darcee Redden
    Family Member

    The care at Bethany Home is wonderful, the food is great, and I can’t imagine a better place for my mother’s care! The staff pay attention to detail in all that they do, help create a home-like atmosphere in rooms, and everyone is personally involved in providing great care!
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Information on the most recent Survey by the KS Fire Marshal and the Emergency Preparedness Manual are available in the Bethany Home library or upon request.
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