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Luxury Senior living at

Sunflower Terrace

Welcome Home
You deserve an effortless life rich in friends, culture, and community. One that’s more affordable than you might imagine.

Together we'll customize a package to fit the lifestyle you desire. Whether you seek full independence, freedom from cooking, or a little assistance day-to-day, Sunflower Terrace is a place you can feel at home.
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Fully Customizable services

full-service assisted living

dining/meal plans

concierge living

Starting at $2,395 per month
Assumes 30 day month; Rates calculated per day; Additional fee for second person

Services and Amenities

Let us handle the cleaning, cooking, maintenance and hassles so you can focus on the things that truly matter while enjoying life to the fullest.


Enjoy restaurant-style meals throughout the day with flexible menu options and between-meal snacks and refreshments.


We work with you and your family to develop a comprehensive, custom care program based on your interests, needs and desires, including medication management, health monitoring, activity planning, and diet needs.


Ongoing maintenance and weekly housekeeping and linen services allow you to enjoy your space without worrying about managing upkeep.


Our on-site fitness room allows you to reach and maintain your personal health goals. We will work with you to  create your personalized wellness plan.


Participate in on-campus activities and special events such as exercise classes, games and chapel services. Enjoy outings to area attractions and events.


The in-house beauty salon and spa allows flexibility to make a hair appointment or schedule a manicure and pedicure without having to leave the comforts of home.

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Is Sunflower Terrace Right for Me?

Sunflower Terrace is designed for seniors who can live independently or need just a little assistance. If you have advanced healthcare and mobility needs, please talk with us about living options at Bethany Home. 
Bethany Village offers a full spectrum of options for senior living.

Floor Plans

For availability and pricing, contact Jennifer Cantrell


18’6” X 24’
450 Sq. Feet
Living / Bed Space
Full bath
Ample Storage
Wireless internet

One bedroom

22’ X 24’6”
500 Sq. Feet
Living / Dining space
Full bath
Ample Storage
Wireless internet

two bedroom

37’ X 24’
850 Sq. Feet
2 Bedrooms
Living / Dining space
Full Bath
Ample Storage
Wireless internet

legacy Studio


Ekdahl One Bedroom

one bedroom

Ekdahl Two Bedroom

two bedroom

Learn More and Apply:

Application Policy

An application for admission to the Cottages Independent Living, Sunflower Terrace Assisted Living and/or the Bethany Home long-term care center must be completed and returned to Bethany Village, accompanied by a $40.00 per person non-refundable check. The applicant is encouraged to have a personal meeting and/or tour of the facilities. The Admissions Committee will review the application, with priority placement according to level of need or in order of the date on the application.

Admission Policy

An admission fee will be charged at the time of admission to Sunflower Terrace Assisted Living or Bethany Home long-term care to cover costs for individual record and room preparation. Bethany Home’s admission fee varies depending on the resident’s payment source.

Once accepted for admission to assisted living or long-term care, residents and/or their families may request a face to face meeting prior to the admission date. Payments for room, board and personal care begin on the date of admission and are payable one month in advance. The payment period runs on a calendar month.

Should the resident be discharged and return to the facility within 12 months, this fee will not be charged again. If the resident is discharged and returns to the facility after 12 months, an admission fee will apply. Admission fees will not be charged due to a change in the resident’s level of care. For example: A resident moving from assisted living to long-term healthcare will not be charged another admission fee.

Sunflower Terrace Facts & information

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