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Covid-19 Phased Reopening Plan

Bethany Home Association has received approval to implement a Phased Reopening Plan. The plan was created to adhere to guidelines published by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) and under guidance of the McPherson County Health Department (MCHD). Our progress through this plan will be contingent on the public health in McPherson County and subject to continuing guidance provided by MCHD. To help us progress toward reopening, I ask that you advocate for and participate in these basic precautions which have proven to reduce disease transmission: regularly practice hand hygiene, wear a face mask when in public settings, avoid large group gatherings, and practice 6’ social distancing from others. While we wish we could provide specific dates on this plan, our progress and ability to reopen is entirely dependent on the health status of our surrounding community!
The initial phases of reopening contain very gradual loosening of the existing restrictions required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and KDADS. Please bear with us as we make plans and adjust to these new requirements. We are rapidly working to create and construct a safe visitation area that will meet KDHE and KDADS standards and provide an enjoyable experience for residents and families.
I would also like to recognize the extraordinary work of our healthcare team. The staff of Bethany Home and Sunflower Terrace assisted living have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and well being of all who reside with us. Team members have continuously monitored the ever-changing regulations imposed upon our field and rapidly adapted to meet emerging requirements and needs. Staff have also recognized the challenges our residents have faced when the order to restrict visitors was imposed by our State and Federal Government. We will continue to do everything in our power to keep those in our care safe, healthy, connected, happy, and entertained.
You may note that the reopening plan contains language that recognizes the challenge COVID-19 has presented to our nation and senior care providers. This virus is an insidious and invisible enemy. We have seen friends in other communities struck by this virus. The virus has invaded the highest quality health care providers as well as those with a history of problems. It indiscriminately affects us all. Although public restrictions are being lifted, we must remain vigilant to protect those who are most vulnerable.
Thank you all for your support, understanding and cooperation during this uncertain time.
Kris Erickson, CEO/Administrator

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The pandemic requirements have altered or prohibited many of our normal activities. We continue to monitor all residents and staff for possible illness and have increased cleaning protocols throughout the building.

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Information on the most recent Survey by the KS Department of Aging & Disability Services are available in the Bethany Home  library or upon request.
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Information on the most recent Survey by the KS Fire Marshal and the Emergency Preparedness Manual are available in the Bethany Home library or upon request.
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